Young Leaders Network (Forum) Rule of Thumb

As a member of the Young Leaders Network you agree to all of the terms and conditions below. If you break the rules you will be deleted from the community. The network has been created to give us an opportunity to network, connect, discuss, and share leadership, entrepreneurship, and related insights between young business leaders, entrepreneurs and visioners.


  1. No self promotions in the community.

What is this about?

– Asking anyone to message you for help.

– Linking to a blog post or YouTube video outside of the designated threads.

– Marketing (That is; selling services, products, affiliate links)

– Posting links to your social media channels.

– Anything that involves trying to guide people into your sales funnel.

– Promoting other communities, forums, and groups.

– No spamming other members in the community.

  1. Share insightful discussion.

This is a community that is leadership and entrepreneurship based. It’s meant for enlightened individuals, business owners and aspiring startups to learn more from others experience. We won’t tolerate any member being rude to other members.

No bashing, tongue lashing and nagging!

  1. Every discussion/posts stays in the community.

This means that posts and or discussion will not be publish in any other platform – blog, social media. But however, you may share the post snippet on your website. We want this community to be a place that everyone can be open, share their fears, struggles and wins without worrying other people will share their information.

Building a business can have it’s up’s and down’s and this is a community for everyone to grow together and have a place to vent if they need someone to help lift them up.

  1. No documents or files can be uploaded to the community without Young Leaders Arena permission.
  1. No messaging the members of the community trying to pitch them.

I’ve had this problem in the past and if a member reports you then you will be deleted. If you’re interested in advertising or hosting a sponsored post, please use our Contact us page and reach out to us.

  1. Let’s have fun together.

This community is meant to be a cool place to hangout, connect with other entrepreneurs and learn and grow from each other.



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