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Exclusive Interview with Young Entrepreneur, AKinwale David Akindeji

Young Entrepreneur
AKinwale David Akindeji

Exclusive Interview with Young Entrepreneur, AKinwale David Akindeji

Young Leaders Arena went beyond making blog posts alone and took to the streets to interview Young Entrepreneur who is making wave in the start-up business. We always hear about the success stories of Mark Zuckerberg starting up in his dorm room. The WhatsApp guys selling their product for a whooping sum of $19 billion. Dangote venturing into every business. Linda Ikeji’s success in the blog and media industry. But today our team met with a young entrepreneur — AKinwale David Akindeji, founder of Davepreneur.

Davepreneur is a platform founded on the vision to help aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs across Africa (with focus in Nigeria) to develop the right capacity, skills, competence, focus, and motivation to start, manage, and grow successful business and also gain competitive edge in Life. 

The Interview

1. How did you get your idea or concept for davepreneur?
Ideas rule the world when proper action is taking to achieve it. The idea has been on my mind for some time now. It came as a function of the clarity I gained on what I want to do.

2. What was your mission from the beginning?
The mission is to fulfill a purpose. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to see people idle i.e. they are not doing anything meaningful with their life. My mission have always been to influence people in relation to their purpose, passion, and vision in order to be productive.

3. How do you intend to actualize your mission?
Smiles! To actualize the mission it takes God’s grace because there is no task without any challenge or problems. For me to actualize the mission, I just have to keep doing my best and also improve daily. I have taken steps in relation to the mission. For example, in the second week of July, I host a three days webinar on the life discovery master class which focused on “discovering you in you” I invited six Guest speakers. The feedback is just far above my expectations and imaginations, it looks as if the webinar should continue. I also remember sometime ago, someone message me on Facebook, and he appreciated me because my articles have helped him to achieve some things in his life and so on.

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4. To what do you attribute your success so far?
God is the giver of success; I am not a failure. The success so far is just amazing and awesome, and their success is my success. It is wonderful to see people life’s been influenced that is what gives me joy. Basically, there is much work to do to achieve greater success. Success has no limit in life.

5. What made you choose Davepreneur?
I am building a brand, he said. Although it takes me sometimes and months before I register the domain name. I also contact some people to hear their view, and I get a positive response. There is still more and possibly I may change the domain name but I have not decide on that.

6. What are your goals as founder of Davepreneur?
Goals can only be achievable when someone takes massive actions. My goals are so big, and it will take time and consistency to achieve the goals. My goal is to help individuals to grow influence, be productive, and also be a phenomenal person in their life.

7. What is unique about your platform?
The uniqueness is to see the impact in the life’s of the people.

8. What are your responsibilities as the owner?
No other responsibility has the king who loves his people than to follow and do without been distracted? My responsibility is to make others grow as I am growing, showing them the way out.

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9. What made you choose this line of blog?
It is my passion.

10. If you had one piece of advice to someone starting out, what would it be?
You don’t need to be strong to become strong, start from somewhere. Greatness is a journey. The utmost goal is not what you get when you arrive at the destination the ultimate goal is who you have become on the journey to the destination. The Entrepreneur spirit requires passion, faith, courage and consistency.

Let me also add that my life is full of stories of struggles, challenges, and problems. It has been God all this while. The positive side is that I am what I am today by the grace of God. I am a fighter (I don’t mean physical fight) and I have big dreams, plans and so on. Remember the great quote: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

The mindset matters a lot. I think positive things about myself every day. I watch motivational videos, I listen to an audio podcast and then I read books. I see greatness in myself. The best thing that an individual can have is self-love and happiness that is the fact. What is keeping me going is my purpose, vision, and dreams. I have gone too far to quit or look back, and I always aim at looking forward all the time.

There are two different quotes I do say to people every day and every time, “Faith and action” and “I believe in you”. They are powerful words like magnet.


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