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Know Your Blood Group, Know Your Health, Career and Personality

blood group
blood group (David Wolfe)

Know Your Blood Group, Know Your Health, Career and Personality

Blood group A

People with blood group A have higher levels of cortisol in their bodies. They have a significantly higher risk of getting stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, and leukemia than most other blood groups. They also have a slightly higher risk of getting heart disease. As par their personality, they are sincere, responsible, patient, and reserved.

According to confessions of the profession website, Type A individuals excel as accountants, librarians, attorneys, economists and writers. In love, they are most compatible with other type A individuals or AB ones.

Blood group B

People with this blood group have high risk of getting ovarian cancer and are 11% more likely to get heart disease than people with blood group O. On the other hand, they have up to 50,000 times the amount of useful bacteria strains when compared to A or O. They are active and creative in their personalities, but also irresponsible and unpredictable. 

Group B individuals are highly tuned to body language and can read others very intuitively. Because of this, they make for great psychiatrists, detectives and journalists. In love, they get along well with other A individuals or AB ones.

Blood group AB

People in this group are 23% more likely to get heart disease than those of group O. Women with this blood group are also more likely to get pre-eclampsia, a serious blood condition that occurs when women are pregnant. They are also 82% more likely to suffer from cognitive difficulty with things like memory and language skills. They have cool and adaptable personality but also hesitant and negligent.

Group AB individuals tend to over-produce hormones like adrenaline, leading to very high and intense moods. They excel in public relations as well as managerial and educational positions. In relationships, they get along well with all blood types.

Blood group O

The group O’s enjoy power – and aren’t shy about attempting to seize it. Very competitive, they are the pit bulls of the business world, making excellent, if not sometimes dogmatic, bosses – better at making money than friends.

People with this blood group are more prone to Achilles tendon injuries. They also have a lower risk of getting pancreatic cancer and dying from malaria. The personalities of people in this group are typically strong-willed, intuitive, workaholics, and cold. They excel as accountants, politicians, businessmen and women as well as therapists.

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