Young Leaders Arena Guide for a Successful Business Start-up

Young Leaders Arena
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Young Leaders Arena Guide for a Successful Business start-up

This article is about the opinion of young leaders arena. It’s a well thought out points which is aimed at informing you on how you can transit from a corporate job to establishing your own business and growing such business. The points given below are put together from previous studies and learning from successful business leaders. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will benefit you as you put them to daily practice.

In life, there are very few of us (young leaders) who follow our passion, doing the things we love. Many others go to work, to jobs they don’t love, working for hours each day for someone else’s vision and dreams. If you are lucky, you have a great boss or supervisor who encourages and inspires you and colleagues who are friendly and accommodating, as you face daily challenges in the office.

And if you are unlucky, it’s always going to be a disaster because you will have a boss or supervisor who doesn’t give a shit about you. Every day you battle with the fear of being laid off from work, you are unhappy at your job and you go home after a day’s work feeling sad, tired and exhausted.

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Life is too short and too precious to spend even a second of our day not doing something we love. So, the question is why don’t people take a “leap of faith” doing that which they love and feel comfortable with?

“It took me twelve years of sprinting up the corporate ladder, living to work, moving six times, relationships destroyed and compromising my values and beliefs to finally wake up and realize, I had jeopardized everything I was passionate about: traveling, getting married, having children and becoming an entrepreneur. Now I don’t want to come across as a victim because I could’ve had better balance in my life. However, I was so fixated on getting to the next level each time, despite feeling constant stress and anxiety, that I lost all sense of what was important to me’, explains James Adamy, CEO of Ju-mp.

Starting your own business is an exciting and fruitful experience for many entrepreneurs. Yet many people hold the misconception that setting up a company is a complicated, drawn-out process. As a result, they don’t follow their dreams.

Studying the lives of major entrepreneurs and CEOs, young leaders arena have come up with these tips on how to take a leap of faith into building your dream and creating your own future even as young as you are.

Here are the young leaders arena tips

Check your Fear Factor

First, you should check your attitude and your fear factor. Fear can be real or imaginary. It primarily comes from a lack of understanding of the uncertainties in the world of business startups, leadership, interpersonal relationship, etc. Check your fear factor by putting up strategic plans tangible enough to provide successful outcomes.

Most often the best way to check fear factor is by doing things that challenges us because only then can we device means or measures of avoiding the fear of not accomplishing our goals. Think of ways you can create a work-life balance to embrace success.

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Attitude is Everything

William James of Harvard said; “the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of the mind”.

Examine your attitude because it is the foundation of success regardless of one’s chosen career or field, as well as your personal life is concerned. Have you ever wondered why some individuals, organizations or countries are more successful than others? They have the right attitude. With the right attitude, you can effectively act on and execute your goals and create a better future for yourself.

 Develop a Network

There’s nothing like having good relationships with people – the right people! They help to motivate you and encourage your dreams. Do everything possible to start meeting people who can potentially become colleagues, friends, clients and/or business partners.

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Manage your Personal Finance

The most important resource in any organization is finance. It is the most important tool that sets the organization running. Make a list of the financial state you are now. Allocate funds to the different contents of your needs. Once you’ve done that, run a check of what will be left as your personal finance.

There are two contents to that; your personal financial state after allocating funds to your start up and the resource of your start up. Have a support system that will enable you achieve the desired success.

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