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The 3 Winning Investments to make in Business Start-up

Winning Investments
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The 3 Winning Investments to make in Business Start-up

If you will be able to do away with resistance you will definitely be able to put these winning investments into your start-up and see huge growth happen in your business. Steven Pressfield affirmed in his book: “The War of Art”, by saying; “Many people think amateurs do not play for money, but play for the love of the game. In reality the amateurs are amateurs because they do not love the game enough”. What Pressfield was getting at is that every one of us needs to kick resistance out in other to begin and grow.

Many smart thinkers and idea brokers have one problem and that is, resistance. The resistance to get their ideas out and make it a reality. The resistance of leaving the comfort zone. While many of the world’s successful business leaders battled with resistance at one point in their lives, they succeeded because they declared resistance to be an illusion and broke out of its shell.

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I have had my own taste of resistance. Resistance kicked my ass and almost stunted my progress. More than seven years ago, I have had the vision of creating this platform – Young Leaders Arena. The vision was great and the goal looked promising and achievable. However, I battled with starting out and building on the vision. I yielded to resistance for a long time that I almost was letting go of the vision. It was not until one faithful day, a day I did not even think would come. I made a call, I shared my vision, and before I realize Young Leaders Arena is on air. It was unbelievable. Moreover, I loved that it is happening.

Winning in start-up is the ultimate goal of every individual who wants growth in business. But how can that growth be actualized if you do not overcome your fears, break away from resistance and chase your dream?

Here are three winning investments you can make to see growth in your start-up:

Time investment

Time is one of the most used words in English, do you agree? Well, you had better believe it! Time is money. This means that the more time you invest, the more money you get. In addition, the more time you waste, the more money you will lose. The timing of Young Leaders Arena is one that I never believed would come when it did but the good news is that I was ready when it happened. And I am giving my time to see that it succeed, as it should.

At every step of the way in business, you have to be ready for anything that might come up. You will need to put in your best time to see it succeed. There is no success for the unprepared mind. What you do with your time is very important. Any time you lose cannot be recovered.

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Money investment

Money is the celebration of success. If you are a labourer, will you work for free? My guess is no! You will want to get paid for your services. Money is motivation. Your business needs money motivation for growth. As the popular saying goes, “you spend money to get more money”. At start-up, money is necessary.

Money has rules and you need to research and study the rules. You need to know how to spend money and how to invest money. Your start-up needs money to grow.

Advice investment

Your mind is your most valuable asset and your most valuable leverage, therefore, you need to fill it up with good advice. But you have to be choosy of the advice you let in because, ones an advice goes in, it might take time to let out. Take advice from experts who have gone through the same path you are going right now. Learn from their principles. Learn from their strategies. Learn about their process. Go and grow your business.

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