How to Conduct Market Research for Your Mobile App Idea

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How to Conduct Market Research for Your Mobile App Idea?

The mobile app market is like a living organism, composed of individuals, groups, and businesses with ever-changing needs, in constant search of better solutions.

With a high-quality idea, you can make a name for yourself in a booming global app market.

Whenever you plan on launching a new digital product, before you even look into developer meetings, beta testing, flowcharts, and wireframes, you should get to know the market you’re building it for.

Research is the first step towards realization.

So today, we’ll give you some quick advice on how to direct your pre-development market research.

Learn All You Can About Your Target Audience

Look into the data available online and develop a deep understanding of your target market.
Find out answers to the following:
Who is your ideal user?

  • What problems does the user continuously encounter?
  • What are their age and location?
  • What do they do?
  • What other apps do they like?
  • What devices do they use?
  • How do they spend their time online?

You need to know what makes your target audience tick, what their pain points are, and how they would like to have them resolved.

Every new piece of information you gain will help your final product find its regular users — rather than just a few early adopters who try out any novelty only to forget about it right away.

Quality and quantity matter.

The more reliable data you have on your target audience, the better your chances of creating something convenient, useful, and organically appealing.

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Regard Your Competitors as Friends in Disguise

Look at your competitors as friends who make your mistakes for you, and save you from wasting time, energy, and resources on things that don’t work.

Determine which existing apps could be your fiercest competition and get studying.

Browse through the stores they’re available in and scour the comments and feedback. What their users are saying is of infinite value to you, as you can probably improve upon some of those features.

Your new mobile app doesn’t have to be groundbreaking; it just needs to be better than what’s already out there.

Total innovation is extremely difficult to pull off successfully, and it’s even harder to get it accepted by the users.

On the other hand, small incremental improvements that cater to specific needs represent bite-sized, achievable goals for your business.

Take special note of the issues that keep coming up in the comments on various stores fairly regularly.

Those will be the reasons your competitor loses some of its customers — and you might pick up some of that frayed user base by offering your improvements.

Leverage Existing Data — or Simply Ask for More

If you’ve already got a business and have established your presence on various channels, you’ve got an untapped info goldmine on your hands.

Go into your webpage history and analyze visitor behavior, how they move through the page and what they linger on.

Consult your customer support about commonly asked questions, look into purchasing habits, and analyze what devices are mostly used to access your page, webshop, or blog.

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Figure out where your visitors are coming from.

Even better, if you have already developed your brand and have a dedicated customer base, you can just ask.

Nothing beats asking directly.

You can do this with a general survey or a more in-depth questionnaire on a focused sample.

Alternatively, you can take an individual approach and give a quick call to your key accounts to feel out their current needs, feedback, and suggestions.

There is no better way to make sure your app sees the light of day than research.

The valuable insights you gain through the data you gather will be the starting point for determining the features of your app.

The feedback from your audience will shape everything, for instance:

  • the operating systems
  • the language(s) of the app
  • the layout and features
  • monetization methods
  • marketing channels (such as social media)

It all starts and ends with the customer and their need — and finding a pragmatic way to meet it.

Once you get the data, you’ll realize that this was the easy part and that you’ve got a lot of voices speaking their individual minds.

Don’t get too sidetracked by trivial problems. Look for commonalities that keep popping up and focus on resolving those that would bring the most benefits.


If you want your mobile app to succeed in a competitive market, you have to ground your efforts in research.

The success of your app will depend on how well you know and respond to your target audience. Find out all you can about their needs, habits, and behavior.

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The channels you already have at your disposal are a great source of data on all those issues. Go through the data and use your existing customers as a starting point to get an overview of the bigger picture.

Then, take a look at their pain points and seek to resolve them.

Although you will have neither the time nor the resources to tackle everything at once, you can solve a few major issues and then add further improvements and updates as you go.

The difference between ideas whose potential remains unrealized and those that are successfully brought to life lies in how well you research their viability beforehand.

So, do your research, and we hope to come across your app at the app store soon. Good luck!

Heather Redding is a part-time assistant manager and writer based in Aurora, Illinois. She is also an avid reader and a tech enthusiast. When Heather is not working or writing, she enjoys her Kindle library with a hot cup of coffee. Reach out to her on Twitter.


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