The 5 Fears Wannabe Entrepreneurs Must Conquer

Wannabe Entrepreneurs
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The 5 Fears Wannabe Entrepreneurs Must Conquer

Many wannabe entrepreneurs are afraid of what might become of them. That can be a pointer to many dreams and ideas being lost by so many individuals. You must overcome your fears if you’re going to be successful. If you are going to put your ideas to work. But note, this is not another article that is meant to force you to become an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur is a calling and a personal decision. It’s more of an innate desire. So do not think you are being forced to start a career you probably do not want.

This is an article meant for would-be entrepreneurs. Those who desire to be one but are still not convinced in their mind how and why they should begin. Those who see obstacle as withdrawal to getting their ideas to the world. So stay with me as I point out the fear and proffer solutions to help you overcome them.

Entrepreneurship is unpredictable. It demands lots of sacrifice! You have to know things about entrepreneurship. There’s a lot of upside if you can power through those. What are the biggest fears you have when you think about having to put your product, service, or idea out to the world? Some of the fears are listed below. You can add others you think in the comment section and let’s discuss it together.

#1 Fear: I am not ready

The truth is you will never be ready. There’s no special time or day to launch your idea. What’s the difference between today and tomorrow? Do you know? Well I don’t! I know I’ve only got today. Therefore, whatever the plan in my mind is I execute. As Babe Ruth puts it; “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” It’s understood, you might not feel like it’s the perfect time to take action yet. But you should know that perfect moment doesn’t exist. You must take the moment and make it perfect by taking action.

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#2 Fear: Perfecting my idea

This is what many wannabe entrepreneurs tell themselves. At least to hide under the excuse that they’re not afraid to put their ideas to action. Let me ask you, what’s the perfect idea? I believe that when Dangote began his business, he never knew that small idea of his will skyrocket into a great empire. The point here is, you have to start where you are and with the small idea you have. Gradually, you might end up turning that small idea into a big empire as you go along your business path.

#3 Fear: Taking risks

Well no risk, no reward! You have to take risks sometimes in order to be successful and continually move your business to the next level. You can never know if your idea is going to be successful if you do not go out and take the risk of launching. But you have to be smart. Taking risks entails being calculative — weighing the pros and cons of risks involved. According to Aaron Agius, on entrepreneur.com, he said: “When it comes down to risk, there’s never really is any certainty in life; everything we do is a calculated risk.”

#4 Fear: What if I am wrong

Enough of the what if’s. Get into action! Every successful entrepreneur have been wrong about their ideas. That’s the more reason they all started small. Undergoing the trial period and devising strategies for growth and expansion. Unless you inherited a family fortune, you can disprove this. Starting small gives you opportunity to hear feedback from your costumers. Their feedback is how you improve and enables you to understand what they really want.

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#5 Fear: Being Uncomfortable

If your are not willing to leave your comfort zone and begin to discomfort yourself for the future you seek, then I am sorry to tell you that entrepreneurship isn’t a call you should pick up. Go get a job! The comfort zone has put many wannabe entrepreneurs out of their career. Do not be afraid of being uncomfortable. Embrace it. Think of it like training moment. Know that being uncomfortable will be the spark you need to figure out a solution or come up with strategies for your business. Successful entrepreneurs swim in uncomfortable environments.

To conclude, I leave you with this quote by Douglas Horton: “Action cures fear, inaction creates terror.” Don’t fight your fears. Recognize them. Conquer them.

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