Young Leaders Arena 6 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship
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Young Leaders Arena 6 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship is demanding. However, most successful entrepreneurs share similar basic traits. Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude tend to set successful entrepreneurs apart. Cultivating these attributes requires innate skills and basic traits to get started. So what traits do you think you need to go the way to successful entrepreneurship?

Take (conscious) risks

An entrepreneur needs to take risks. If you launch your idea, determine a price or conduct a commercial conversation, you can never fully substantiate it. You are always at risk of negative feedback. That’s exciting and challenging, but it can also go bad. Do not take risks to take the risk, make it aware: Calculate in advance what it means if a customer does not respond to your idea or price, so you need to reconsider your plan. If you do well then risk losing something and helping your business further.

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Have perseverance

Are you someone who works further, if you like it? Do you always wonder where you start, despite the risks? To become a successful entrepreneur, you need perseverance. You must be able to demand a lot of yourself, concentrate well, have a clear goal and achieve it. That is what set Zuckerberg, Jobs, Bezos and other successful entrepreneurs, apart.

be creative

You need creativity to build your idea in such a way that it leads to a great business. Can you think about and out of the box? Do you have the idea of providing an extra layer that gives you that feeling? Then your creativity is probably right. You will also need to convince others of your plans.

Convincing power

Does your argument always fit and you convince others? Either way: Are you able to sell products and ideas to prople? It is important that you can make clear what you want and why, and thereby create trust. For the latter, you also need empathic ability. Then you can appreciate people well, and during a (sales) conversation you can quickly find out what your client needs.

Result-oriented work

When doing business, keep an eye on what results you want to achieve and trade on it. Make quick decisions and do not send in details. Always keep an eye on the big lines and the conclusion that is attached to it. If you employ staff, you also need this competence: you must be able to lead outcomes-oriented. Be clear to your employees about what you expect from them. What responsibilities are there with them, what results should they achieve? If they are clear, they can fill in the details themselves.

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Be clear on Finance

Do you think about budget and profit and what resources are available, such as money, time, knowledge, and help? You can also achieve more with these resources. Do not make unconsidered decisions about money, do not waste money and know the causes of profit and loss.


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