4 Powerful Networking Tips for Young Leaders

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4 Powerful Networking Tips for Young Leaders

In this episode I want to share powerful networking tips that have proven effective for many business leaders and individuals. Whether you like it not you have to network, it’s your job. Networking to some means no more than just meeting or calling someone new they just probably met somewhere somehow in an event. Many have misplaced the value of building relationships. Let me clarify this. You don’t just meet new people and boom add them to your contact and tell yourself that you have networked. Ask yourself are they in my line of interest? What are they going to offer as per my business or career life? You have to build relationships with people who are of mutual interest in chosen field.

Everybody meets new people. Become friends with them and they begin to walk together. But few network with targeted people of interest. Networking is everything in the business. If you want to grow your business by networking it is imperative that you practice these networking tips for every connection you make.

Be interested in people

One of the best way to make friends and to network is to become interested in others. People tend to be reserved, and more often than not, shy. They sometimes find it hard to initiate a conversation or enter a room full of strangers and engage them. If you fall in this category, don’t over work yourself. All you just have to do is work on your communication and do all you can to kill that initial withdrawal from going to converse with a connect. One trick to help you is to build up your self-confidence.

Make a positive impression

I believe all of us wants to work with positive minded people. People with good attitude, character and smart. You have to check yourself if you possess these qualities. Are you what the kind of person you want to network with? If your response is in the positive, it will increase your chances of creating a lasting impression in the mind of your connect. The bottom line is, be genuine. People will connect with you more when you’re positive and humble.

Meet the right networks

I have a goal that enables me to get the right connections. It is “Get the best people before anything else”. Before I go out to any event or get online (social media), the goal is what guides me. I don’t mind if it’s one contact. It has to be the best connect or nothing at all. You have to ensure that whoever you connect with must be worth it, otherwise you are back in the same pool knowing how great a time you’ve wasted. Learn about the people you want to meet so you can get some insight on their interests. This will help you make that personal connection.

Social media networking

Social media platforms has grown in rapid pace in the recent years. It has had a very huge impact on the people and their lifestyle. It has truly changed the way people interact with each other. It is another great environment for building leadership and connecting. Try connecting to on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can equally follow up people you met physically in an event via social media. Now you have a two way important options on the benefits of social media networking. Make the best of it.

Dr. Jon Warner summarized effective Networking as…

 “A power that comes from a spirit of giving and sharing”

“Establishing connections that are mutually satisfactory”

“A willingness to honor ourselves, our relationships and our connections with the universal flow”

“Giving, contributing to and supporting others without keeping score”

“Ensuring the right to ask a favor-giving without hooks” 

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