Top Six Career Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs

Career Advice
Career Advice (Fast Track Promotion)

Top Six Career Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs

These are my favourite career advice and I’ve decided to share them with you. When I first decided to launch this platform, I knew I needed to get a good product out to the society or I just might not do it at all. The first thing I did was to reach out to a bunch of other entrepreneurs for advice. I met with few friends and colleagues who have been successful in their business line. I am a consumer of books. I love books to keep my mind young, fresh and able to think. There’s no day I wouldn’t read. But this article is not about my personal things rather it is more of an advice to you (the aspiring entrepreneur) from successful entrepreneurs who have built their businesses from the scratch. 

In a blog post by “thestar.com“, a 17 year old boy asked Richard Branson how he could overcome procrastination and focus on building a business with his friend in printing and distributing of T-shirts. In reply, Mr Branson said: “Don’t ever let other people use your age as an excuse to not take you seriously. Young entrepreneurs look at the world with fresh eyes and such lively determination.

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Some of the modern world’s greatest ideas and innovations came from people like you. As you probably know, I too started out my business career as a youngster with a simple idea. And, like you, I was easily distracted. While I struggled with subjects like math and science, I was passionate about topics like pop culture, music and current affairs (especially the wars in Vietnam and Nigeria). It was nearly impossible for me to keep up in school due to my dyslexia, so I left at 16 to start a magazine”.

Find an area of expertise

Giving career advice, Evan Speiegel, CEO of Snap chat, told Newman, “The thing that really resonated with me was finding a specialty,” But mastering something is, on its own, not enough. Make sure that people know you are an expert — and that means finding creative ways to get yourself seen. What makes me get up in the morning is being creative because that’s where the fun is… and then seeing Facebook copy it,”

Avoid Procrastination

This is one of the best career advice there is. If you are passionate about dream, procrastination will be the least of your worries. Being passionate will you help focus on your project, and working hard won’t be a chore. You should pursue positions like this throughout your career. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses and try to balance them up.

Continuing with our story on the second paragraph, Richard Bransion told the 17 year old aspiring entrepreneur, “When I started the ‘student magazine’, I tried my hand at every part of the business. You name it, I did it: writing, editing, advertising, marketing, accounting. I soon realized that I just wasn’t suited for some particular roles — namely those that involved working with numbers. I learned to hand over those responsibilities to people who did them well. 

So, ask yourself: Which areas of the business interest you the most? Sales? Design? Marketing? Distribution? Sit down with your friend and discuss your strengths and weakness, then divide your business’ crucial responsibilities between the two of you. If you love your role, you’ll find that you will be less tempted to procrastinate.

Make it Fun

“Starting a business worth starting is inevitably going to be a long hike, so you better find a way to enjoy it,” says Jordan Silbert, who founded Q Drinks. “In fact, make having a good time a high priority for you and your team. I’ve learned that one of the biggest risks you face as an entrepreneur is giving up because the struggle is not worth it—everything is going to be harder and take longer than you expect when you’re starting out. But if you’re willing to push on long enough, you will usually win. So figure out a way to make it fun.”

Never Give Up

Alexandra Chong, CEO and founder of Lulu said: “My motto is never give up. Every startup and career has ups and downs, and you need to have passion, conviction, and confidence to keep going and stay motivated. You’re going to hear a lot of no’s. Don’t let that stop you. Find a way to get to yes.”

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Be Curious

Jessy Cameron said:”I find career inspiration in curious places. There’s a passage in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea that taught me the importance of preparing for opportunities before they present themselves. ‘I keep (my fishing lines) with precision. Only I have no luck anymore. But who knows? Maybe today. Everyday is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready.’ Reaching the pinnacle of your dreams is possible, as long as you are prepared to seize opportunity the moment it glows before you.”


“It’s this simple: make a list of a few dozen people you want to meet, and send them an earnest and genuine email asking for their advice,” says Jonahtan Swanson, Thumbtack co-founder. “Repeat—forever. Some people will ignore your email, but you will be surprised by how many very prominent people will respond and be willing to help. Be diligent about sending thank you emails, following up with updates, and reconnecting when the time is right. Be genuine, and offer to help them whenever you can. Some conversations will be dead ends, but many will be fruitful. Some won’t show dividends immediately, but will prove valuable months or years later. Rand Fishkin calls this practice ‘manufacturing serendipity.'”

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