Ways Young Leaders Can Become Better at Leading

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Ways Young Leaders Can Become Better at Leading

Young leaders are the future of any organization, club and/or country. Whether you like it or not, they are the ones who will soon take over and be running the show. Therefore, “If you aren’t attracting young talents, then the days are numbered for your influence and the legacy of your organization or country,” said Brad Lomenick of Lifeway.com.

Young leaders need to wear many hats. Whether you’re working with freelancers or employees, you need to understand the importance of being a good leader. If you nail that, you’ll save tons of time and money rehiring and retraining for the same positions, and you’ll create a culture where people always want to do their best.

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Glenn Llopis, contributor on Forbes, writes: “As a young leader – be mindful that your older colleagues have seen your youthful enthusiasm before. Older generations in the workplace have typically “heard it all before” and in many cases may even want you to fail. Additionally – be prepared for the envy that ensues as many of your older colleagues may feel threatened by you and / or cheated for not being considered for the leadership position you are in.

This is why young managers must become good leaders quickly. At times, you may need to throw your authority out the door:  eliminate the hierarchy, become just another member of the team, and help get things done. Build relationships, earn trust and allow your leadership to rise organically. In the end, your ultimate leadership role is to protect your team and get them recognized in new ways. This is where your youthful creativity must come into play.”

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