Young Leaders Influence: How to Be a Leader With a Difference


Young Leaders Influence: How to Be a Leader With a Difference

“Leadership is a choice you make rather than a place you sit. In other words, leadership comes from influence and not from your position. For this reason, even when you’re not in front, you’re still leading those around you.”– John C. Maxwell

Early this summer, the five times winner of the prestigious Ballon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo, stunned the football world when he left Real Madrid and La Liga after nine successful years for Juventus. Since his exit from the football club, the team seems to be finding it difficult to battle on the field not because they’re not good enough players, but simply because they missed their top player on the field. Real Madrid are one of the best clubs in the world. They have a great team but it’s evident that the absence of Ronaldo makes them a little less good. But they will survive. That’s the power of influence! 

If your organization or people you work with doesn’t feel your absence greatly, then you’re not getting it. You don’t have to be in a position to be a person of influence. Being in a top position doesn’t make you a real leader, influence does.

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The Story Behind the story

I read an inspiring story on leadership with influence on Linkedin. The story goes thus;

“A tiger escaped from the forest, reaches one of the leading organization in the City. It somehow managed to get inside the wash room to hide itself from the people movement. It was afraid by the posh look and feel of the area with a Huge Mirror, Shinny Floors, Exotic Smell etc.,

After 2 days, the tiger gently came of the dark portion of the wash room to find the prey. It saw a person coming alone into the wash room and without no second thoughts, it jumped into the man. Another 3 days passed and to the surprise no one was in a hurry to find out the missing person in the organisation.

Tiger took it as an advantage and understood that this would be the best place to hunt the prey. The next moment, another person came inside the wash room. Tiger jumped into the person and hunted him for its hunger. Again, no one cared to find the missing person.

The same day, one more person casually came inside the wash room. Tiger, now became more brave and wanted to make him as a prey even though it was not really in hunger. It killed the 3rd person and preserved it for the next day food. To its surprise, after 2 hours of the 3rd person’s missing, there was a lot of noise in the office and many started searching. A group of people came into the wash room and found the blood shed & the body. Immediately, they killed the tiger on the anger of losing the 3rd person. The first 2 persons are the VP and GM of the organisation & the third person is the office boy.”

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Here is the juice of the story as I understood it. Share your own thoughts with us. What juice did you pick out from the story?

1. Leaders, regardless of title, know who they are and what they stand for.

2. Nothing is more important than trust. Your talent, credentials, and title doesn’t count. The only way people follow you is if they trust you.

3. A real leader is the one who understands the mindset of the employees.

4. Should be a down to earth team member and people friendly.

5. Be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm is being confident in your ideas, being positive and valuing others. No one will show more enthusiasm for your ideas than you do.

6. Communicate with ease. You will have people who always wants to listen to you.

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