3 Top Benefits of Volunteer Leadership for Young Leaders

volunteer leadership
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3 Top Benefits of Volunteer Leadership for Young Leaders

I always preach volunteer leadership any day and at anytime. If you have been following on my leadership posts here on this platform, you probably would’ve known that I started off my leadership development through volunteering in organizations and taking up leadership roles. I’ve never shied away from taking up leadership roles. And it has over the years expanded my qualities as a leader. That’s why you are probably reading this post right now.

As young professionals, it is always better to look for new opportunities to grow our careers and further develop ourselves. According to Forbes, volunteer leadership is one of the best ways to hone the skills needed for top executive positions in the business world. Developing leadership skills are hugely important to any career. It offers you an opportunity to test out and develop your skills in any environment. The end product is to learn from the process every step of the way without worrying about risking your job. Here are ways volunteer leadership benefits young leaders:

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discovering your talents

I always encourage people to take up leadership positions to see what qualities are hidden inside them. Volunteering help you to actualize that fit. All you just have to do is look inwards and begin to build on the strengths that are showing up as you advance. Also, improve on your weaknesses. Talents maybe discovered in the closest, but building on those talents demands one to leave the comfort of closest. Many dreams have been lost because the dreamers do not have enough capacity to actualize their dreams.

Builds confidence and passion

I am an introvert. There you go. I have revealed what I am. Yes I did. But have I very much improved on my confidence? A big fat yes! Not only was I introverted, I am also a shy person. But I had to completely work on myself by taking up voluntary positions in different organizations. As Barack Obama said; “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” My confidence grew and so did my passion. Voluntary positions is a yes for young professionals who want aspire to grow in their career.

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creates connection opportunities

Volunteering opens way for more connections and enables you build relationships. You not only develop life long personal and professional relationships (friends), you can also hear about job openings, gather insider employment information and develop great references. The more voluntary leadership position you get involved the more your chances of making more career connections.


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