4 Basic Ways Your Values Impact Your Leadership Style

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A general description of a leader might be someone who is charismatic with an incredible leadership style. Charismatic leadership elevates the interests of followers, create awareness and acceptance among the followers and motivate followers to go beyond their self-interests for the good of the organization.

“The family is the smallest institution with the unique function of producing and rearing the young.” –Anonymous

Everyone has a different set of values with varying degrees of importance given to each value. You may be conscious and very aware of your values or you may hold them in your subconscious acting on them but not being consciously aware of them. When you live your life in line with your values you are likely to feel fulfilled, however where your values are in conflict with each other, you may feel stressed and unhappy.

Leaders should recognize that their values shape their preferences, which influence the organisation’s culture termed; “values dynamics”. That is the dynamics between the leaders’ values and those of the employees. Your values describe what is important to you in the way you live your life. They give meaning to your life, form your beliefs, influence your decisions, actions and behaviour and also impact the life you choose to lead.

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Some examples of values include but not limited to; respect, openness, independence, privacy, financial security, creativity, optimism, happiness, family oriented, success, healthiness, compassion, kindness, perseverance, spontaneity, trust, perfection, modesty, loyalty, fun, professionalism and accuracy.

4 Basic Ways Your Values Impact Your Leadership Style

May create stress at work

Different strokes for different folks. One potential cause of stress at work could be as a result of disconnection between your values and culture (beliefs) of your organization. You may have a value of financial security but your business cash flow position is very stretched. This may be making you feel financially insecure and could be the cause of your stress. Therefore, when you feel stressed it is better to identify the cause that resulted in the disconnection between your values and your organization.

Influence your leadership style

If you value honesty you are likely to lead in an honest way all your life. The values of the organisation often come from the values of you the leader. Good leaders are usually very self aware, have a strong sense of their values and act from an explicit understanding of their values. Where a leader has a lack of awareness of their values their leadership may be inconsistent which affects your decision making. As a leader consider your own values and how they should influence your leadership style and the potential impact of the organization.

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Balance personal and business life

It is always good to balance your personal life and your business. Where you find there are conflicts between your business and personal life this may be because your values are not being honoured in both areas of your life. Many leaders value success and so they result to working long hours allocating the time for their personal life with that of work. Always ensure you align your values properly so no area of your life suffers.

Values are key element of strategy

According to Scott Lichtenstein, “leadership is not solely about making people feel good, but includes profit and loss responsibility, achieving operational and financial performance, and developing strategy. Effective leaders know they need to focus on the difficult and the challenging elements of strategic leadership. Values help people solve common problems for survival until they become the roots of tradition that team members find important in their day to day lives.”

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