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The truth is I’m still learning about the subject of successful leadership. This article is not a know-it-all answer to leadership success but an opinion based on personal research and knowledge. The concept of leadership happens to be a vast subject that is inexhaustible and is a daily meal for most people. In his book Good Leaders Learn,” Gerard Seijts maintained that while some leadership abilities come naturally to some people, stronger leadership can develop over time through continued exposure to uncomfortable, difficult situations. This unfamiliar feeling stretches an individual’s thinking about his or her own behaviors and how they relate to others, particularly in uncharted territory.

The lessons I’ve learned about successful leadership are personal and often simple, yet they have a profound impact on my entire life. They have added a tremendous value in my life. Though some of the things I’ve learned were very painful as well. I’ve made mistakes but yet I’m encouraged because I recognize I am wiser today than I was in years past.

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According to poet Archibald MacLeish; “There’s only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience”. Plato also affirmed; “The greater part of instruction is being reminded of things you already know”. That is what the best learning is all about. You have to know by doing. Reading a book is never enough to make a difference. You have to put the lessons into action to have experience to even look back to. It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from other’s mistakes. But the wisest person learns from other’s successes. Being open to learning new things allows you to manage your business through its early stages of development.

Leadership with a Difference

No successful leadership without the help of a few people but sadly, many who climb to the top of leadership ladder successfully spend time to push others off the ladder. They forget that “taking people to the top is what good leaders do, and a leader’s credibility begins with personal success”. John Maxwell.

One of the great leaders Americans celebrate today is Abraham Lincoln. He is well known for his humility and willingness to give power to the people and not just his party members. He believed that America is a country for all citizens. “Leaders must establish a compelling vision upon which their business activity is based”.

One of his biographers once wrote:

“For a president to select a political rival for a cabinet post was not unprecedented; but deliberately to surround himself with all of his disappointed antagonists seemed to be courting disaster. It was a mark of his sincere intentions that Lincoln wanted the advice of men as strong as himself or stronger. That he entertained no fear of being crushed or overridden by such men revealed either surpassing naivety or a tranquil confidence in his power of leadership”.

How do you respond to the call of better Leadership?

Well I am not saying you have to be Lincoln to lead your team in the right direction or to be a better leader. All you need is to believe in yourself and in the people you were chosen to lead. You must evolve into an effective leader if you are to survive as a leader. Most people have a natural desire to improve their lives. Your only motivation should be at advancing your leadership skills and adding values to your team. Every follower wants a leader who can lead and they will follow his example of leadership.

Become a better leader so leaders can follow you. Create a favorable environment for success accomplishment. Be innovative, creative and confident as a leader. Whether you’re creating a new idea, drawing on a lifetime of experience or refining a specific skill set, it’s easy to get caught up in your own expertise. Leaders inevitably discover that running a business requires knowledge of many things that fall outside their comfort zone.

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