Steve Jobs 3 Leadership Skills for Young Leaders

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs 3 Leadership Skills for Young Leaders

All through his life, Steve Jobs was known as being one of the most influential, innovative and success driven leader of his time. Jobs was known for being demanding and hard working, yet possessing humility and simplicity. Steve Jobs is such an inspirational leader. One of the best I’ve read and studied his biography. There are many lessons that we can learn from his unique leadership style but I’ve decided to share his top best three here:

Set a clear achievable and persuasive vision

A leaders vision should be able to unite a team to achieve a set goal. Setting a clear vision will bring it to fruition. If the vision is not clear to the members of your team, they would not know how to work together. This leads to confusion, negligence and low effectiveness of the organization’s productivity.

At Apple, the core values and vision of Steve Jobs are that he believes that people with passion can change the world for a better place. That vision and values are communicated to team members and they all are made aware and they pursue the same fit together. The attitude of the leader in communicating the vision counts a lot. A leader should see every member of his team, first as equals and second as individuals who have the capacity to drive the organization forward.

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Work on your Products Before Profits

Don’t compromise your products. A lot of leaders and managers because of quick profits and more money, reduce the quality of the products or services they render. Why is Indomie still in business till today? Their quality remains the same. While they keep on working on their quantity, they maintained their quality. It doesn’t matter how huge your product is, if you can’t maintain the quality you are sinking your product.

You have to focus on making your product great and the profits will follow. According to Walter Isaacson “John Sculley, who ran Apple from 1983 to 1993, was a marketing and sales executive from Pepsi. He focused more on profit maximization than on product design after Jobs left, and Apple gradually declined.”

Act With a Sense of Urgency

Steve Jobs had a sense of urgency that gave him drive. He is always quoted as saying that time is one of life’s greatest tools for success. He knew that not grabbing onto an idea or waiting until it’s the right time, would never add up. This is what allowed him to create innovative solutions and cutting-edge products before customers ever knew they wanted or needed them.

Looking at iPad for example, many thought that the device was a waste and that no one would ever need one of the tablets because they had smartphones. Now they are one of the most owned personal electronics on the planet. Steve Jobs acted with a sense of urgency in all he did, as it allowed him to look to the future and motivate his team towards success, but it was always a sense of controlled urgency and one that was backed by a great deal of thought.

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