Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Effective Leadership

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Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Effective Leadership

Social media is one of today’s most important public undertakings that is changing the world and peoples perception on the subject of leadership. Believe it or not, more leaders are being raised and developed via these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Charles Darwin in one of his experiments said: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change’. This statement is also true for leaders and their leadership. Only individuals who respond to change, act on it, are able to take up new challenges in the long run. 

Change is everywhere, and never ending. It is Social Media that plays the key-role in this dynamic period — information, knowledge and trends spread on social media through networks of people; both within and outside our environment.

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The impact of Social media in leadership

Social media websites has grown in rapid pace in the recent years. It has had a very huge impact on the people and their lifestyle. It has truly changed the way people interact with each other. It has helped more people discover the leader within them. In a previous article posted on this platform, I stated clearly how social media has helped boost communication among individuals, organizations, friends and families. “The advent of the social media has made communication become even more possible, as one can conveniently communicate with anyone at anytime irrespective of the distance.”

There is no ignoring the influence of these platforms in consumer habits, personal development, and as we have recently witnessed, the outcome of electoral decisions. In 2008 Barack Obama campaigned earnestly on Facebook. He was able to leverage Facebook and other platforms to elevate his campaign slogan; “Yes We Can”.

More recently Donald J. Trump harnessed the power of social media throughout his campaign period to cling the presidency seat. “Make America Great Again”, his campaign slogan that has become a powerful brand was possible because of social media. Social media is a powerful tool if managed effectively; whether in politics, business or personal development.

Influence of leadership attributes by social media

Malvin Foo, founder of The Maven Company, said as seen in Today Online dot com, that: “…it is hardly breaking news that social networking has become ubiquitous in our daily lives as viral videos and articles from Facebook and Twitter take over as conversation starters. Gone are the days when organisations controlled the flow of information as social networking sites continues to tip the balance and power to influence towards individuals.

Today’s leaders needs to be comfortable driving real time social conversations while navigating the risks that come with an environment they have little control over. Organisations or individuals cannot be acknowledged as a leader if nobody knows what they excel in. This makes it an exciting time for us, startups, to leverage these platforms to level the playing field and create a new working model for the 21st century that deftly incorporates social networking into our workflows”.

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Feedback: As a business leaders or start up entrepreneur, how are you leveraging social media to grow your business and improve on your leadership?

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