Push Beyond Limits: 4 Reliable Strategies for Young Leaders

Push Beyond Limits
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Push Beyond Limits: 4 Reliable Strategies for Young Leaders

“All limits are self-imposed.” Icarus

We all have to push beyond limits. We have to set our gaze on our vision and make smart plans. It does not matter if you have started out. To pursue your highest expression of your talent, you have to push beyond your limits. Let our vision be our major source of inspiration. As the popular saying goes; “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”.

Everybody is blessed with talent(s). Unfortunately, some have more talent than others. That’s a fact! But whether you have more or less than someone else, discovering your own talent(s) and putting it to good use is what is important. Many people are yet to discover theirs. You could argue this but I can say categorically that the fear of accepting responsibility is a major factor to many undiscovered talents.

The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams are your limits. Most of the times fear, doubt, physical abilities; all present a huge barrier to getting what you want. Lots of individuals aspire and dream for a better future for themselves and their families but for lack of confidence, courage and/or conviction, their dreams and aspirations end up as just mere wishes.

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Here are four things you can do to push beyond limits.

Get pushed by someone

There’s a reason we all keep friends, colleagues, and family members close to us. And that is to assist, guide and encourage us in our trying times. Therefore, all that we need to push beyond limits and keep moving towards our dreams is a little help from them. The little help we get from them even in the face of resistance can mean so much. Having someone always on our side can keep us out of every negative thinking we might have. By showing how strong we are, they can help us to shift focus from our limitations and move to our strengths. This can help us accomplish more and push beyond limits to do the things that exist beyond our comfort zone.

Embrace challenges

When we experience difficulties in life, it is okay to get down on ourselves. It is okay to get upset and disappointed. Our goal however is to not stay down. The fundamental objective to push beyond limits is to embrace big challenges. Sometimes we really do have to leave the regular things that get us carried away and aim bigger. We won’t grow only by staying contented and stagnated. We grow when we push past our capabilities regularly, we grow when we loose sight of our comfort zone and get to action on our visions. So, what is required of us is to be enthusiastic when embracing big challenges that will get us closer to our dreams.

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Avoid distractions

Our minds instinctively protect us. It is therefore pertinent that we guard ourselves from unnecessary distractions that could sway us from achieving our goals in life. When we face hardship, our first response will always be to give up. But are we a quitter? It’s a personal question we all have to answer individually in front of a mirror. To achieve your goals, you have to overcome the desire of quitting. Avoiding distractions will help you stay engaged with your goals. And so if your present activities isn’t getting you closer to your vision, it’s a pointer to retrace your steps and also refocus your attention. It will help you be more effective and keep you motivated.

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Set goals and take action on them. Find something that inspires you to reach your goals. Whether it is a video, quote or motivational speeches that inspires you to succeed, it should be something that fills you with passion and drive to get things done. Inspiration is a powerful confidence building tool. Many times, we know where we have been and where we currently are. But we rarely know exactly where we need to go. Take the time to imagine where you want to be over the next 5, 10, 20, or 30 years as the case may be. Visualize this every single day and/or when you get up. This will inspire you to go out of your comfort zone, push beyond limits and achieve your goals.

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