POTENTIAL – Your Inner Drive to Success Actualization

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POTENTIAL – Your Inner Drive to Success Actualization

“The best picture has not yet been painted; the greatest poem is still unsung; the mightiest novel remains to be written; the divinest music has not been conceived even by Bach”. Lincoln Steffens

Potential is that ability which distinguishes you and make you unique. Since you are a business oriented person, I know you might be thinking: “Oh, look, here comes another fad that sounds too good to be true and I don’t have time for this now.” Well, before you leave and go search for other posts on this site, let me tell you; the fact is, you do not have to assume you are ‘potentialized’ if at all a word like that exist. You just have to believe you have potentials.

There’s an inner seed in you waiting to germinate. If only you can discover it, you would be on your way to the ladder of success. As E.W Kenyon said; “you have within you all the elements that are necessary to make you what the Father (God) dreamed that you will become”.

It is no surprise that successful business leader and politician, Donald J. Trump, talk show host and billionaire Oprah Winfrey,  billionaires Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and so many others, believed and harnessed their potentials. Refuse to die with your potentials hidden, manifest it. Let the world celebrate your presence in this life. Everybody has potentials deposited inside. Hey! Do not ask me what yours is! You are the only one that can discover it.

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It is that inner drive which you possess for a particular thing. If you have the drive for music, that could be your potential. Writing is a potential that can be actualized. Public speaking is a potential. Human right is a potential. Ministration is a potential. Sports are potentials. Business is a potential. Entrepreneur is a potential. The least is endless. That inner drive towards a particular thing or activity, there lays your potential. Discover it!

You did not arrive here on Earth empty. There’s a divine DNA – set of talents, gifts, opportunities, connections, and sensitivities, encoded in you. I believe you do have a destiny to fulfill. There’s a song you were destined to sing. An instrument you were destined to play. As Lincoln Steffens in the lead quote affirmed; there’s a music that has not been conceived. There’s a thing the world has never heard or seen.

Some people discover their potential quickly. Some take years to discover theirs, and others never border to discover the potential they possess. When you tap into this pure vein of gold deposit (potential) in you, you become who you were created to be. Psychologist Abraham Maslow called it “Self Actualization”. Rick Warren called it “The Purpose Driven Life”.

In you lies the power to create, the power to establish, and the power to execute. Discover and unleash your potential. Do not die in ignorance. Discovering is the platform where your life altitude is engraved. You cannot succeed without first discovering who you are and the purpose you are going to serve in the world. It may not be an easy task because it entails great determination and commitment, but if you are strong-willed it is give away for you.

Listen to the voice of greatness calling out in your mind. The whole world is waiting for your manifestation. There’s something lacking in this world which only you can create or provide solutions to. There’s a song yet to be composed, a book unwritten, a puzzle unsolved, a business yet to be established. Break out of ignorance and discover your God’s given talent (potential). Only then can you achieve the great future painted in your mind.

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