Nigeria and Her Dwarf Kind of Leadership

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Nigeria and Her Dwarf Kind of Leadership

Nigeria at fifty-six and soon to be fifty-seven years in few months, what have we got to show? Where do we rank among our colleagues across the world? Since independence, Nigeria has struggled in terms of leadership. No viable leader has been voted in power who is dedicated towards bringing growth and development for the citizens. All she has produced are meager and mediocre men and women — the political leaders.

Since Nigeria’s existence, the leadership across the board from local to federal level is all about the well-being of the political leaders and their families. At least, their entrenched rules says it all. Oh, Nigeria! Where have we gone wrong? Take a look at countries that were in the same developmental level with Nigeria such as Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., they’ve advanced more in terms of infrastructural, human and capital development.

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A story on the Wise and Canny website illustrates how deep the problems of Nigeria has escalated. The story goes thus: “A pastor announced a 21 days fasting and prayer programme for the nation to be taken by his church, of which on the 21st day, he preached that from then on that no member should utter any negative comment on the nation, he said ‘your confession should always be it is well with Nigeria, God bless Nigeria, etc.’ after the service while coming out of the church, his eyes caught an headline of a Newspaper from a newspaper vendor beside the church, reading ‘Former Governor Convicted of embezzlement of over 100 billion Dollars sentenced to Two Years Imprisonment with an option of N50 Million Fine’. The pastor subconsciously exclaimed ‘Oh! Nigeria is Finished’.”

The narrow and parochial approaches of our law makers are nothing to write home about. Daily we are being entertained by their wrestling competition. While having a discussion with a friend on this issue of free wrestling contest by the National Assembly, he reminded me that other country’s law makers indulge in same fight when there are disagreement. I totally agree. But before now I always thought that a disagreement that could lead to fight of such magnitude has to be deep. But what causes our law makers to fight? I could bet it isn’t something serious other than the share of national cake.

The Leadership style Nigeria deserve

Leadership is about delivering on promises and being visionary. This the ground of accountability. A leader is obligated to meet the demands and aspirations of the people and design appropriate strategies to address them. Our quest is now should be to redeem and rebuild this nation. Enough of the politics. As the recent protest slogan goes; OUR MUMU DON REACH. It’s down to you and I.

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The elections of 2019 should focus on putting a visionary leader in charge of the country’s affairs. Godfatherism has eaten so deep into the political system and that is why Nigeria isn’t moving forward. Nigerians deserve leaders who are decisive, resourceful, influential, respected, visionary, transparent, and calculating. These attributes should be sought for in the coming elections. These attributes is what we should all possess as individuals if we must move this country forward.

Enough of ethnic bigotry, jungle justice, lawlessness, sacred cows, disservice, power tussle, bribery and corruption, lies and deception. It’s time for each and every one of us to take our work serious. Those in the force should discharge their duties effectively without asking for bribe. The teacher should teach as though the students are her children. The transporter should take his duty serious and know that safety comes first before money. This way Nigeria will experience the good change we all crave for. May God bless Nigeria!!!


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