Africa’s Development: A Tool in the Hands of the Young Leaders

Africa's Development
credit: Obama White House Archives

Africa’s development lie in the hands of young African leaders. Note, this is not an article meant to detail Africa’s past problems and/or struggles. Neither is it meant to itemize all of her successes. Rather it is to show Africans and her leaders that the development she has long waited for lies in the hands of Young Africans. There are lots of untapped glory in the continent. There are lots of talents yet to be discovered.

“There will be no more important issue in the world – not energy, not oil, not water – than that of talent,” says Dr. Phillip Clay. Africa is filled with young leaders and professionals who have the capabilities and capacity to bring an enabling development to her continent.

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent with large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages. The continent is blessed with young vibrant and talent-filled young leaders some of whom are already making impacts. The good news is that the young Africans are starting to focus on building capacity which is a major tool for Africa’s development.

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This takes me to a poem about Africa composed by Ibukun Abraham Lawore. I love the wordings and they have been my source of hope and aspiration that whatever we undergoing in Africa, we still remain a great continent and the young professionals are rising and taking steps to enhance its growth and development. It’s a poem portraying the greatness and beauty of Africa.

The poem is a song. If you can sing it as you read through it, it will be an added advantage for your pleasure. Pardon me I’m not a song composer! I’m a leadership teacher and advocate.

Africa my Africa

A continent carved out of glory

Enriched with fertile soil on which the world grow

Decked with bronze, embedded with gold, crowned with ivory

The greener pastures land, the land milk flourish and honey flow,

Africa! The land of lands, the mother of the lands

The cradle civilization took its first stand

A land of bounteous harvest: where the rain wet,

And the sunshine nurtures what we sow

Africa my Africa

A land where culture, heritage, tradition are ever flowing ripples

A relief for hospitality, a tabernacle for harmony and peace

With people of diverse culture, yet living and united as one people,

Africa! The jewel, God’s Golden Fleece

A land harboured by people of great favour and dreams

A land where great heroes were first raised

A land of hope where smiles and opportunity reflects its dimple!


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Here, I want to say that there’s no limit to what the young African leaders can achieve. We are the future of Africa’s development. And the future is now. Subscribe with your email below this post to join other young leaders network moving the continent forward.


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