5 Easy Steps to Help Maximize your Creative Potential

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“Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.” — Irving Stone

On your journey to greatness, natural talent alone is rarely all it takes. But without the gumption to harness that natural ability into something transcendent, the talented are doomed to live in mediocrity. That’s where the motivation comes in. It’s the willingness to surrender yourself to the process of becoming great, and it’s the elbow grease that builds empires.

In my previous post, “POTENTIAL – Your Inner Drive to Success Actualization” I discussed extensively how each of us carries inside us a thing that distinguish us and that made us to be unique and how you can discover yours. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you go read it first before continuing with this for your easy comprehension. Thank you!

In his book; “Secrets of the Streets”, Teju Babyface Oyelakin, maintained that you have to give all you’ve got to build on your talent. It is never enough to possess such talent. It has to be birthed in your willingness and drive towards developing yourself.

In his words: “one major problem as I see it — is that people think it’s down to just pure talent. They erroneously assume that since they have it, all they have to do is take one or two shots at it and as soon as the market hears/sees what they have to offer, talent will bear them out. It’s the case of the oil company worker who does indeed have a good voice and great song idea, who believes that all that is required is to just get to the studio, drop a single and get it to the market somehow, and as soon as the market hears it, bingo! Pay day!”.

5 Easy Steps to Help Maximize your Creative Potential

Change your thinking

You’ve got to change how you think. If your thinking doesn’t change, then nothing will ever change for you. If you’re not happy with where you are right now in your life right, the first place that needs attention is your mind by putting your thoughts in check. Each of us has potential within, but until that potential is cultivated you will remain mediocre. The first step towards building a bigger future and maximizing your potential is to never limit what’s possible. People’s thinking and mindset get in the way of greatness more than anything else. If you want to change your life, first change your thinking.

 Take Action

The only think your talent demands of you is to get involved. Getting involved and staying involved ensures that productivity doesn’t become dormant. Only action can breed activity, and constant positive activity will boost your lifestyle and catapult you to your talent actualization. Remember Newton’s first law of motion? Bodies at rest stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon them. Be the force!

Avoid Procrastination

Proverbs 13:4 says ‘Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper’. Many people start things but never finish. If you simply sit on your talents, you will need a good reason on judgment day to justify why you never used it. You have to believe in your potential and trust on your determination to achieve your dreams. Start the process of developing your talent and pray that God opens doors and brings people who can help you move your dream to the next level.

Set a plan/goals

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Surround yourself with winners

We as individuals can only become as great as the people around us. A sure way to maximize your potential is to associate and be around winners — the men and women who are doing it at a level that you aspire to operate in. I encourage you to begin to gather around successes. Building a winning team around you is an absolute must if you are going to maximize your potential and become an uncommon achiever.

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