3 Leadership Traits To Help Young Leaders Accelerate Their Career

Leadership traits

3 Leadership Traits To Help Young Leaders Accelerate Their Career

Leadership Trait 1 – Great Leaders Are Future Oriented 100% Of The Time

The predominant leadership traits of great leaders is that they think about the future most of the time.

They think about where they are going rather than where they have been or where they are. They maintain a positive attitude and think about the opportunities of tomorrow rather than focusing on the problems of the past.

Only about 10% of people have this quality of future-orientation. These are the movers, shakers, entrepreneurs, business builders, top salespeople, artists, musicians, and creative individuals. 

To think like a leader, one must practice “idealization” in each area of life.

To get the most out of the use of idealization, one should begin by imagining that there’s no limitations at all on what can be done or achieved.

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Imagine for a moment that you have all the time and money that you need. You have all the education and knowledge.

You have all the talent and experience. You have all the friends and connections. You are a “no-limit” person who can do anything that you really put your mind to.

If you were the very best professional business person that you could possibly be, what additional knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities would you have developed to a high level?

When you begin the practice of idealization, you can then extend this exercise to your family, your finances and your physical health.

If your family life was ideal in every way, what sort of lifestyle would you be living?

If your financial situation were ideal, how much money would you have in the bank, and how much would you be earning from your investments each month and each year?

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If your levels of physical health and fitness were ideal, how would you be different from today?

When you begin to develop leadership qualities, you begin to engage in what is called “long-term thinking.”

Leadership Trait 2 – Keep A Positive Attitude

Top people maintain a positive attitude and are long-term thinkers. Average thinkers think only about the present, and about immediate gratification.

But great leaders think about where they want to be in five and ten years, and what they have to do each hour of each day to make their desired futures a reality.

Great leaders inspire other people, their friends, customer, associates and even their children because they are inspired themselves.

They are excited about the possibility of creating an exciting future for themselves.

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They get up every morning and they see every effort they make as part of a great plan to accomplish something wonderful with their lives and push forward with a positive attitude.

Great leaders are optimistic. They see opportunities and possibilities in everything that happens, positive or negative.

They look for the good in every situation and in every person. They seek the valuable lessons contained in every problem or setback. They never experience “failures;” instead, write them off as “learning experiences.”

Most of all, great leaders have a sense of meaning and purpose in each area of their lives.

They have clear, written goals and plans they work on every day. Leaders are clear about where they are going and what they will have to do to get there.

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Their behavior is purposeful and goal-directed. As a result, they accomplish five and ten times as much as the average person who operates from day to day with little concern about the future.

Leadership Trait 3 – Take Responsibility

One of the most important leadership qualities is the acceptance of personal responsibility.

Leaders never complain, never explain. Instead of making excuses, they make progress.

Whenever they have a setback or difficulty, they repeat to themselves, “I am responsible! I am responsible! I am responsible!”

Great leaders see themselves as victors over circumstances rather than victims of circumstances.

They don’t criticize or blame others when something goes wrong. Instead, they focus on the solution, on what can be done.

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Leaders are intensely action-oriented. They are constantly in motion. They try something, and then something else, and then something else again. They never give up.

Great leaders have integrity. They tell the truth at all times. They live in truth with themselves, and they live in truth with others.

The acceptance of leadership is a great responsibility.

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It is both scary and exhilarating. Once you decide to become a leader in your life, you cast off the shackles of fear and dependency that hold most people back and pursue life with a positive attitude. With your own hands, you design your own future. You set yourself fully on the path to becoming everything you are capable of becoming.

“Go and explore in 2018 and take charge”.

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