10 Powerful Steps to Boost Your Leadership Self-Confidence

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10 Powerful Steps to Boost Your Leadership Self-Confidence

Why is self-confidence so important in leadership? According to Jacqueline Whitmore, “Self-confidence is not a static quality; rather, it’s a mindset that takes effort to maintain when the going gets rough. It must be learned, practiced and mastered just like any other skill. But once you master it, you will be changed for the better.”

In Success Consciousness, Remez Sasson, writes: It is important because it gives you courage, self-esteem and assertiveness. When self-confidence is present, you are not afraid to take risks and to try new things. Self-confidence is essential for a happy and successful life and is a quality of character that most people appreciate, when they see it in other people.

When you possess self-confidence, you do not allow what people think and say about you to affect you, and you don’t take things too personally. This means a more peaceful life. Most people are not born with this quality of character. However, you can build it up. You can build self-confidence by changing your mindset and your attitude toward life, even if various personal experiences caused you to lose it.

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Let me give a few suggestions as to how you can build self-confidence on a daily basis:

1. You really want to be a leader? You have to start acting the part by reading your body language. Body language demonstrate self-assuredness. And being confident makes people to have much more confidence in you as well.

2. When you look better, you feel better. If you choose clothing and accessories that fit you well, that suit your industry and lifestyle, and make you feel good, this will automatically increase your self-esteem.

3. Be assertive not aggressive when you speak. Your way of speaking tells people about your self-confidence. Great speakers speaks confidently, in a steady, rhythmic tone. Instead of the “ums” and “ahs” that interrupt flow, they use pauses to emphasize ideas.

4. All humans fail in one way or the other. Accept the fact that you are going to fail on occasion. Being honest about obvious thing boost self-confidence.

5. Have fun! Life is short. Smile, laugh and surround yourself with happy, positive people. You’ll feel better and the people whom you work with will enjoy your company.

6. Once you make a decision, commit and go for it. Don’t continually second guess yourself. If you have to change course, you have to change course. If you never commit, all you will ever do is change course.

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7. Demonstrate courage on the outside, even when you don’t feel it on the inside. If you are going to lead people in tough times, you will need to show more courage than fear. As soon as people notice fear and insincerity on the face of a leader, they begin to lose confidence in the leader’s ability to lead.

8. Write down a list of your achievements and success, and look at the list often. You might say that you have never experienced success. You are wrong about that. You might have not experienced great success, but you surely had, even if only occasionally, experienced some kind of success.

9. Discover your talents. Set time each day to think about your talents and abilities, and ways to develop and use them. Do not say that you have no talents and skills. Everyone has. You just need to find them.

10. Learn everything you can about your industry, your subject matter, your goals and what drives you towards success. Before you start a task, first imagine how you want to feel once you’ve completed it. Remember, “When eating an elephant you have to take it one bite at a time.”


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