5 Rated Secrets to Your Leadership Growth

Leadership growth

5 Rated Secrets to Your Leadership Growth

Leadership growth is about positively harnessing strengths and building each person’s psychological capacity for leading. It is about creating environments where the organisational system itself supports and sustains leadership. It is about deepening individual and collective understanding of what it means to lead and in a challenging environment or society.

Growth leaders are distinctive not only in their actions, but also in their attributes. If you aspire to become a great leader, it’s important to remember that your leadership begins even before you have a leader’s title. The starting point of your leadership growth begins where you are today. Who we are today will help us become better leaders tomorrow. Below are five secrets to make it happen:

Learn from experience

“Many people are open to learning, but not all are interested in developing”, writes Daniel Stewart. According to him, there are two levels to learning. 

1. The first level occurs when you hear, see, and/or experience something interesting or novel. It is often followed by the comment, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” or “That’s cool.”

2. The second level of learning takes the new knowledge and applies it. Personal development is all about translating insight into action. It is the process of doing something with the information, transforming and integrating it into new or different behaviors, habits, and mindsets.

You should learn from every experience whether it’s positive or negative, every circumstance, conversation and connection holds lessons and principles and wisdom if you’re willing to learn. Never allow an opportunity to pass you by.

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Create connections

Leadership is more about building relationships and connecting with people. Don’t think only about your own advancement but consider how you can best interact with the others around you. Appreciate and give warm gratitude to people who put in effort in one way or another. Leadership growth happens when you do little things that become visible to your followers. Make it a goal to build strong relationships of mutual learning and respect in every direction.

Be Transparent 

It is been well known that individuals and organisations that are transparent in their actions are the ones that consistently grow and come out ahead in the long run. But fostering transparency takes commitment and confidence. It can be tempting to hide problems, but the transparent leader knows that the truth is what defines great leadership. As an ancient Eastern adage says, “Three things cannot be hidden forever: the sun, the moon, and the truth”.

Work on communication

Have good conversations with people. Listen more during the conversation. When you speak, think of ways you can contribute that add real value.. Ask questions, get feedback and let others know that you are open to dialogue. Discuss, do not argue! If you can remain curious there’s almost nothing you can’t learn.

Be Motivated

Development should happen because you want it, not because someone told you to do it. Motivation comes from within. External motivation do not last. It’s only for a short period of time before it fades away. If there is not an internal desire for personal development, nothing is going to happen. People need to want it for development to be effective. Reach deep inside, and find the motivation to learn and apply good ideas to help you be a better leader.

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Put your leadership growth to work

Leadership growth begin with leading at your best today, wherever you are, is what prepares you to be a great leader for tomorrow. True leadership is about helping people become the best they can be. You do that by setting the example because people model what they see.

With the above secrets at your finger tips, your leadership will be visible and people would be proud of you.

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