Want a Great Team? Stop Doing These Stupid Things!


Want a Great Team? Stop Doing These Stupid Things!

Author Liz Ryan says, “Create a more human workplace.”

Leaders that lead the way, communicate well. They treat people with respect and develop their team to achieve better results. Sometimes leaders do stupid things and then they wonder why their teams aren’t progressing. Truth is, they are mismanaging their team.

So many leaders yell at employees on issues that doesn’t deserve it. They do not have open door access to employees. A leader’s character towards his team members will always determine the growth and effectiveness of both the team members and the organization.

Here are some of the most obvious errors that turn employees off and cause them to start looking for another job.

1. Berate people in front of others

Nobody wants to be embarrassed or deserves to being treated disrespectfully. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers,” writes Stephen Covey

2. Flap your mouth and don’t listen

Managers hold lots of meetings. Our research shows that in two out of three meetings they hold, they do most of the talking and very little listening. One study of 400 companies found that it costs companies $37 B a year in misunderstandings. Companies need leaders that listen and act.

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3. Talk behind people’s back

I have found that the “rumor mills” are often started by managers. Many times they inadvertently criticize an employee or another department. They share this with someone who, really, doesn’t need to hear the information. Sometimes it’s malicious, used as a weapon of office politics to get ahead. These tactics only cause employees to resent leadership.

4. Treat people like children

Employees are like children. They need to be commended on any little effort they carry out. Once in a while you have to scold or give them constructive criticism on their mistake. Good managers realize that employees are a company’s greatest resource. If you work with them as winners and trust them, they will get the job done well.

5. Hire someone for a job but don’t help them win

Most companies always go by this philosophy, “I hire you to do a job. Do it. If you don’t, we will get someone else.”  The company had no formal training for any job. They all give employees tremendous opportunities for growth, learning and development.

6. Ask for input but don’t use any of it

This destroys many employee engagement surveys, and employee morale. The input and data is collected and it’s never applied. No wonder leadership distrust is prevalent.

7. Play favorites with some employees

Favoritism breeds resentment, and destroys employee morale. Employees hate it; so stop it.

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8. Too many rules

When there are too many policies and checklist, distrust will prevail. Distrust adversely affects employee attitudes. With the explosion of data in the workplace many companies are adding layers of rules. These eventually stifle employee creativity, productivity, and engagement.


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