The Dark Times in Every Entrepreneurs Career (Part 1)

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The Dark Times in Every Entrepreneurs Career (Part 1)

Do you remember the last time you took a risk — something like taking leave for two weeks for vacation without your boss’ approval? Entrepreneurship is about confronting brutal realities of life where you have to take the risk on a daily basis. You know it’s not an easy journey. You have to bear a lot of pain. It is scary to leave your job and follow your passion. We hear success stories of startups, but no one tells us how many failures are buried under that success. Yes failures!

How many times have you seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life? Of all the movies that Jimmy Stewart starred in – and of all the movies that Frank Capra directed – this was, by far, their favorite. It was a movie that was aired in 1946, just after World War II. It might surprise you to hear that it was not a successful movie and disappeared quickly from the movie theaters that year. It was only several years later that this “gem” was discovered and became perhaps the most beloved movie of all time. You probably should see the movie again.

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Remember how George, played by Jimmy Stewart, was getting ready to jump off a bridge after the collapse of his small savings and Loan Company? His suicide attempt was thwarted by Clarence, a bumbling angel trying to “earn his wings.” Clarence lets George see what life would have been like had George never been born. George is stunned to realize that even though his finances were in chaos, his Wealth Statement was priceless. Then we watch what happens when George “comes to himself” and enlists the angel in his life. Miracles happen.

Some people might say it’s just a movie. It’s just someone’s interpretation of a fictional story. It’s not reality. But let me ask you, What is reality? Look around at the actors in the movie of your professional life. Isn’t what you see just the manifestation of someone’s idea of the way things should be? Someone (an entrepreneur) wrote a screenplay (business plan) and sold it to a producer (a banker or partner), then hired some actors (employees) and rented some sets (office space) and hired some set designers (interior decorators) and then hired a director (manager) to direct these actors to act in a certain way.

Is reality real? Is this just a movie you’re acting in? Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Are you playing a bit part in someone else’s movie? How would you like to play the lead?

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You are the screenwriter, the producer, the director, and the lead actor in the movie of your life. Someday, someone will see your movie. Will you be the Jimmy Stewart who struggles at first and then triumphs? It’s up to you.

The next scene is ready to shoot. You’ve got 24 hours to get some great footage, and I wish you the best of everything. ACTION!!!

NB: The above is an excerpt from the book: Cracking the Millionaire Code

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