A Legitimate Right to Lead; The Donald Trump Way

donald trump
donald trump (Linda Rosier)

A Legitimate Right to Lead; The Donald Trump Way

Donald Trump who took office on January 20th, have been regarded by many of his followers as the president who is close to the people than he is to Washington. He has been a great business leader before transiting to the political arena and becoming the 45th president of USA.

True leadership often involves taking tough and demanding decisions that do not always please everyone. But leadership which reflects values such as integrity, fairness, and being resolute are essential ingredients for great leaders whether in small scale business, large scale business, politics, and/or public services; these values are critical.

Clearly no one gets to lead a major organization without certain qualities – ambition, determination, unique business acumen, and influence. A clear view of the leadership associated with Donald trump explains the fact that leaders who are tough, respected, cocky, and honest, are better motivators than anyone else.

In some cases, many inexperienced leaders and their leadership strategies result in bullying, intimidation, and fret. This is an emerging crisis of leadership in all sphere of the corporate environment. And when things go wrong such leaders appear all too quick to avoid any kind of responsibility and accountability.

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But it is not just in the business worlds that problems lie with the leadership cadre. We are also witnesses to major leadership failings in the political arena as well as in the public services. Such problems which could be highlighted as:

  1. The failure of the leadership of APC government to steer the ship of the Nigerian economy in the right direction.
  2. The failure to address the terrorism and insecurity that have erupted in almost all parts of the country from Boko Haram to the recent blood bath Fulani herdsmen.
  3. The failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct free and fair elections across the 36 states of the country. (Someone told me they are trying. Hmmm!!! Really? They should do more than try).
  4. The failure of the state governors to secure greater internal commitments to civil servants, workers, and other citizens in their states.
  5. The lack of good infrastructures in all areas of the country

A key study into these failures of the political leaders reveals a ‘club culture’ among powerful political chieftains, with too much power concentrated in too few hands. But despite the evidence witnessed by Nigerians no one is willing and ready to call these leaders to order mainly because the leadership values and strategies are not practiced.

The recent general election in the United States of America showed the kind of leadership needed in Nigeria by Nigerians. At this perilous times the leadership attributes of Donald Trump will be appreciated.

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Recall that the very reason Nigerians voted Buhari into power, is because of his military background which majority viewed to be the strategy needed to unravel the impunities associated with political leaders across the country. But I guess the reverse is now the case. I was surprised when a six year old boy in my area shouted; “Bring Back Our President”. 

Where have the responsible leaders gone? Why are they not speaking out for the helpless citizens? Why have they allowed impunity and injustice prevail? What remains unclear is the reason they have allowed the principles and values which our country is built upon erode out.

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