Attitude Goals of 2019 That You Need to Drop in the New Decade


Attitude Goals of 2019 That You Need to Drop in the New Decade

The year 2019 has gradually ended and many of us have displayed some kind of attitude that is unfit for a new decade (2020). We equally had goals that are yet to be achieved. Thank God for His grace and mercies. If you think you succeeded in the previous years all by yourself, you better think again. You didn’t achieve or get to still be alive simply because you were determined or hardworking alone. It was all the grace of God.

As we go into the new decade, 2020, draw more closer to your maker for Him alone have all the answers and good desires you seek.

For many of us, there have been some negative vibes and attitudes we exhibited in the previous years. In this new decade make a great resolution to drop them and move ahead with a new kind of attitude and mindset. Few of them are listed below:

If you dislike someone, dislike them alone. Don’t recruit people to join your cause.

Because you are not in talking terms with someone or group of people don’t negate you to cajole other people to dislike them. It is wrong and shouldn’t follow you into the new decade.

Get lit, get ready.

Not everybody will like you no matter how you force it. You should never carry inferiority mindset into 2020. Be of good cheer and you will be glad you did.

Not planning.

The reason you haven’t succeeded is not that heaven has rejected you or that God is unfair to you. You haven’t succeeded because you have no plans, or you don’t plan properly before you execute your project. With proper planning, you have a clear picture of where you’re going, what you’re going to do as you go, how you’re going to do it, and when you’re going to begin to do it. Proper planning is the forerunner of success and achievements.

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Focusing on your fears.

Fear is the downfall of any person. Your business will crash when you give in to fear. Satan is able to penetrate your life when fear takes over your soul. You lose your race because fear has taken over your life. To be afraid is to be powerless, lazy, thoughtless, etc. success and fear are way apart. So, if you want to be successful focus on yourself and not on your fears.

Blaming other people.

Nobody can define you. People can only define you based on the definition you give about yourself. There’s a saying that says; “What you give is what you receive”. Therefore, society reacts to what you have given to them about yourself. It is easy to blame others for your predicaments when clearly it is you that you should blame for your lack of will.


One of the nursery poem goes thus: “Tick says the clock, tick tick. All you have to do, do quick”. Go for your dreams now not later. People who go after their dreams later, don’t succeed. They come back sad, shattered, rejected, and angry. They end up blaming someone or something for their lateness. Don’t go with this attitude into the new decade. It’s life consuming, blood sucking and energy draining.

Bad relationships.

Don’t be in a hurry to make new friends or be in a relationship. Sometimes the end result will leave you in pieces when it’s not the right relationship. There are many toxic and life ruining people out there looking for whom to devour. If they’re not after your life, they’re after your money, or your marriage, or your business, or your family, or your faith. Be wise!

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P.S: Every year that passes is an avenue for us to be better and more smart with our life and the choices we make. Never gamble with your life in this new decade. Resolve to be better than you’ve always been. See you in at the top!

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