4 Leadership Lessons They Don’t Teach Even in Business School

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4 Leadership Lessons They Don’t Teach Even in Business School

You don’t learn how to be a great leader in school. In fact, you don’t learn it at all. Nobody teaches the leadership. I have never seen it in any school curriculum. Have you? Leadership exists to disrupt mediocrity, but in recent times many leaders are losing it. In many cases, the education, training and development so many leaders receive today is woefully inadequate. We are churning out deficient political leaders, skills bankrupt organizational leaders, and so on.

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In his book, “Hacking Leadership”, Mike Myatt states: “Leadership means many things to many people. And not all forms of leadership are created equal. Leadership can represent a pursuit, discipline, practice, passion, skill, competency, obligation, or duty. Leadership driven by any of these constructs can be effective, but where leadership really gets interesting is when it combines all of these traits to become purpose driven. The best leaders understand the critical importance of transforming personal values into a greater sense of purpose. It is only at the point where leaders become committed to purpose that they’re able to surrender to it and let purpose guide their approach to leadership. It’s often this revelation that transforms leaders in title only into passionate purpose-driven leaders.”

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