The Champions Mindset — Attribute of Great Leadership

champions mindset
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The Champions Mindset — Attribute of Great Leadership

The champions mindset is one that is well focused, determined and ready for great achievements. According to Sheeper, “physical talent is similar in many athletes at the top level around the world. The mind is the only thing that sets the champion apart — the laser-like focus on winning…”

Positive thoughts ameliorate true success. Your life is what your thoughts make of it. No man has ever been successful without first of all conceiving success in his mind. You reproduce that which you conceive in reality. While thoughts produces success, focus precedes it. Great leadership demands focus. No leader has ever succeeded in his leadership without FOCUS. It is evident in the rags-to-riches business leaders and managers who built business empires and are successful in their leadership.

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Positive thoughts comes from within a person not without. It is internally motivated and seems to be the bedrock through which success is achieved. Many young leaders are confused and unsure about life and leadership, so they dub themselves as failures. Know that the moment you begin to crowd your mind with negative and unpalatable thoughts, fear and low self-esteem cribs in and success will be far fetched.

Internal motivation comes from within such as thoughts, sense of achievements, responsibilities, self-confidence, cheerfulness, etc. These brings inner gratification which propels success.

Positive thoughts boosts morale

The mind thinks in pictures. Recall from basic physics about the Ohms law, which states that; “The current passing through metallic conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference provided temperature and other physical factors remains constant.” It is illustrated as V ∝ I.

The success of your leadership, business and life is directly proportional to the quality of your thoughts, personality, provided character, attitude and other physical attributes are present.

V ∝ I = R              where V= vision, I= imagination and R= reality

Vision motivates, Imagination drives, and success becomes Real.

Positive thinkers flock together

As a young leader you have to have that champions mindset. You have to hang out with people who think the way you do or better than you do, and not less than you. People around you have great impact on your success or your failure, believe or not! We are all products of our environment.

Therefore, be close with positive thinking people whose mindset are that of champions and winners. Trade ideas, share opinions, discuss your dreams and aspirations. Plan and execute. Associate with individuals who aspire success or already succeeding in their various chosen career. Let go of friends who are opposite of who you are and what you want you want to achieve. They will sap your energy and waste your time. They will give you 1000 reasons why you are going to fail in your quest for bight future. But positive thinking friends will show the one reason why you are going to succeed if you decide to pursue your career and fail forward.

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positive Thoughts create action

It is not just for you to think, it is your responsibility to take action on your set goals. Your plans no matter how big or positively thought out it may look, it can only be fruitful ones you act on it. All it takes is one step to action and the decision to persevere no matter the challenges. Positive thoughts are propelling force for action that leads to success.

Think! Act!! Refrain from excuses!!! Excuses are symptoms of fear that limits your self-confidence and the desire to get things done.

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