Nigerian Music Producers, Young Dee & MAHDhouse in Signature Rivalry

Nigerian music producers

Nigerian Music Producers, Young Dee & MAHDhouse in Signature Rivalry

Two Nigerian music producers have recently called to the attention of the public as they battle about their signature.  Young Dee, a renowned producer for fierce club bangers, whose music genre is Hip-Hop and Rap and MAHDHouse, a certified Des entertainment club hit maker from the underworld, majors in Afro pop battles on “beatbox” signature.

Young Dee delivers a superb tune with superkid Ayo Jay on a new song titled “The vibe” (Link below the post) and MAHDHouse with his mastery slams his genuity on the superstar El-Rule “bend over”.

This makes us wonder between the two Nigerian music producers whom the true ” beatbox” signature may actually be!!!

Young Dee’s download link: 

The Vibe

MAHDhouse download link: 

Bend Over

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